Bankers’ Acceptances (BAs)

A Bankers Acceptance (BA) is a discount money market instrument issued by the private sector or an individual. It is a bill of exchange drawn on and accepted by a bank and is a negotiable security.

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ABC Asset Management

ABC Asset Management (ABCAM) is a separately licensed and wholly owned subsidiary of African Banking Corporation Holdings Limited. Our core focus is to actively manage the exposure of our clients' portfolios taking into account, risk tolerance, finan...


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Money Market Products

For many investors, a volatile market is too risky. The money market products from BancAbc offer an alternative to higher risk investments while yielding attractive returns.


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Investor Relations

BancABC aims to provide the investor community with transparent and timeous information. This is undertaken through a proactive process whereby information is continually and broadly disseminated to the financial community and the investing public, ensuring that the Group is accurately valued in the marketplace...

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