ABCAM Individual Investment Products (Unit Trusts)

Money market funds

Education - My Star Fund

The My Star Fund is a flexible education savings product for parents or guardians who want to secure their children's future for any education level (primary school / high school / college / university). Read more

My Star Fund Application Form

Customised savings - My Target Fund

The My Target Fund is a flexible medium term investment savings product. Savings are made towards the purchase of a vehicle, household renovations, building, and paying lobola or for raising capital for a specific project. Read more

My Target Fund Application Form

Retirement - Achievers plan

The Achievers Plan is a unit trust investment product whose principal objective is to provide organized retirement savings for employees of companies that do not provide a formalized pension scheme such as most NGOs and SMEs. The Achievers Plan is designed to simplify the setting up of organised retirement savings for SME employers by transferring most of the administrative work associated with retirement savings to ABC Asset Management.
Retirement - Read more

Achievers plan Application Form

Long term Wealth Creation

The Wealth Builder product is for those individuals who have excess income and would like that income to be actively managed through a customised portfolio crafted to suit the long term investment objectives of the individual. Read more

Wealth Builder Application Form

BancABC accountholders who wish to make consistent contributions into respective their investment accounts can complete the  Standing Order Mandate Form.

If you wish to make a withdrawal from your investment account please download the Withdrawal Request Form.

Forms can be submitted at your nearest BancABC branch.

Equity Funds

Such funds represent ownership or equity in a company. Historically, these funds increase in value over time and have potential to outperform other types of investments over the long term.

Property Funds

These are investments into unitised properties through Property Unit Trusts.




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