ABC Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd, which is incorporated and domiciled in Zimbabwe is a wholly owned subsidiary of BancABC Group. The company is one of the 20 Stock broking firms registered and authorized by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) to trade in shares.

ABC Stockbrokers has been an active player in the stock market for over 12 years. The company is well served by a competent and highly motivated staff complement with a wealth of experience in their areas of specialty, in line with the requirements of the ZSE. With a state of the art trading system, transactions are processed speedily and efficiently.

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Types of trading

This specifies the area in which ABC Stockbrokers is able to engage in for business. Essentially this specifies the types business in Zimbabwe that can be facilitated by ABC Stockbrokers

Type of charge Buying % Selling %
Brokerage fees 0.9200 0.9200
Securities and Exchange Commission Levy 0.1710 0.1710
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Levy 0.1200 0.1200
Central Securities Depository Levy 0.1200 0.1200
Stamp Duty 0.2500 -
Capital Gains Withholding Tax - 1.0000
Investor Protection Levy - -
Vat @ 15% on Brokerage 0.1380 0.1380
Total transaction costs 1.719 2.469
Total costs for buying and selling 4.1880%


ABC Stockbrokers Private Limited
A Member Of The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

67 Samora
Machel Avenue
1st Floor,
Heritage House
Tel +263 4 701906/703071- 9
Fax +263 4 250597

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Arnold Dhlamini
Principal Stockbroker/Managing Director
Direct line: +263 4 701906
Cell: +263 772 235 604

Rangarirai R Mtungwazi
Stockbroker/ Senior Dealer
Direct line: +263 795074
Cell: +263 779 771 472


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Investor Relations

BancABC aims to provide the investor community with transparent and timeous information. This is undertaken through a proactive process whereby information is continually and broadly disseminated to the financial community and the investing public, ensuring that the Group is accurately valued in the marketplace...

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